A robust post-sales module in your CRM can uplift your business’ revenue recognition strategy!
22 Dec, 2022 2 min read
Real estate builders having a strong network of Channel Partners prove extremely rewarding to quickly sell off inventory and expand to new projects in upcoming areas. To build a successful channel partner network takes time, resources and effort to create a strategy that makes both you and your partners successful in the business. The real estate builders are facing a tough competitive market in building luxury spaces, giving value for money and creating customer experiences that makes them buy faster. A robust CRM stores all your customer information and connects the entire buyer journey. Typically this CRM is accessible only to in-house teams allowing the agents to have access to business information right from anywhere, at any time, on any device, thus leading in a faster sales cycle. However, your channel partners, which is your extended arm, are often left on their own to sell off your inventory. Does it sound right? In the real estate market, channel partners contribute significantly in generating a large part of revenue for the builder. In this tremendously dynamic segment, the builder is activating multiple channels to generate leads. One is their in house social media marketing, offline road banners, TV, radio, print media and the other equally important source is their channel partners and broker network. Channel partners put a lot of effort into establishing trust in their prospects to relay the vision and experience that a builder wants to eventually give to their end buyers. They follow up with the prospects diligently, share their expertise and help buyers make the right decision.
How can real estate builders make Channel Partners feel truly a part of their team?
Indirect sales in real estate have been evolving in recent times. The builders need to be at the forefront of helping Channel Partners develop and promote new strategies to engage with them and network better. Here are some basic things that you must have in place to support your channel partners:
Let’s look at a few fundamental features that you should look while choosing your CRM to strengthen your channel partner relationship:
A comprehensive and integrated real estate CRM with an inbuilt channel partner interface will give visibility and transparency of all ongoing projects they are on board with. The aim of builders must be to help the channel partners improve their overall productivity, build reliability and confidence to lead an accelerated sales cycle.